The History of The Exotic Lenormand Series

With my passions for painting and divination, the creation of Lenormand decks was a perfect path for me to explore in my personal journey.   Having been known as a colorist throughout my painting career, I looked to exotic locations on which to base my decks.  The colors of India first prompted my Lenormand adventure.  The Indian Lenormand was followed by The Arabian Lenormand, and The Chinese Lenormand.  All cultures offered a wealth of vibrant colors and images to be incorporated into the cards.

I believe, as readers, we feel the energy in our divinatory cards as we hold them in our hands and the rich colors of these cultures were perfect to bring varying energies into the cards.  This energy is the most important element in my canvases whether large abstract paintings, whimsical animals, or Lenormand images.  Creating that energy, with the juxtaposition of colors, composition, and selection of components combine to form the visual force I demand from my canvases.

Although the images differ from traditional Europeans decks, the simplicity of the designs remain in line with one predominant image for each card.  These cards are designed to be read traditionally.



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